Immersed in the greenery in search of nature reserves

The pure air you breathe in the protected areas accompanies your adventures through the woods and along the rivers, looking for the wild fauna and the abandoned ruins.



In the silence and magic of the nature reserves, footprints and legends of mankind who lived a long time ago are hidden away, while numerous animal and vegetable species have been thriving for even longer.  It is a really important heritage: nearly 9000 hectares of woodland to protect, celebrate and respect. Here you can spend relaxing or adventurous holidays with your family, enjoying the games and sports, breathing the clean air of the forests.

“The most beautiful natural areas for your outdoor activities”

Echoes from the past: history and panoramas.

In the Nature Reserve of Castelvecchio, at San Gimignano,  in the midst of a strong and luxurious nature, you can still see the impressive remains of an ancient village set up around the medieval stronghold of the same name.

At Radicondoli, on the other hand, in a part of the Cornate and Fosini Nature Reserve, where the Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills) become lower, there is the charming castle of Fosini, a panoramic viewpoint where you can stop and admire the wide and impressive horizon looking for the former quarries of Red Ammonitic Limestone, out of which for many years splendid stones were quarried, in order to embellish important monuments such as the Duomo of Siena.

The Nature Reserve of the Forest of Berignone, between Volterra and Pomarance, was the backdrop for the stories and lives of the people who lived there until recent times: during the Second World War, in fact, the two ruins of the medieval castles protected many partisans from the eyes of the enemies.

Ruderi nella Riserva naturale di Castelvecchio a San Gimignano

Rivers: between legend and outdoor sports.

Within the Nature Reserve of the Forest of Berignone there is also a bathing site not to be missed in the hot summer days: the Masso delle Fanciulle. This verdant place owes its evocative name to an ancient and sad legend, that saw some young women throwing themselves in the waters of the river Cecina to escape the morbid attention of a man, losing their lives but keeping their freedom.

The Parco fluviale dell’Alta Val d’Elsa (River Park of Upper Val D’Elsa), at Colle Val d’Elsa is ideal for a day of small adventures within an impressive backdrop. The “Sentierelsa” was created here, a route of a few kilometres that runs along the river with enchanting views, immersed in vegetation; some organisations give you a chance to practice easy and safe rafting along the blue waters of the river Elsa.

Rocks, animals, plants and symbols

The Nature Reserve of Monterufoli – Caselli is as vast as to include four municipalities of the Valdicecina (Monteverdi Marittimo, Pomarance, Montecatini Val di Cecina and Volterra) and it is a real playground from where to start looking for the unusual geological formations created by nature. Through easy trekking, bike riding or horse riding routes, or on excursions for experienced people, you easily see the great fauna and flora biodiversity that exists in this protected area.  Not far from it is the geothermal field, that you can visit through the routes and footpaths [link OK] that wind through the mysterious and unusual landscape.

The Senese Nature Reserve Bosco di Sant’Agnese, partly in the territory of Poggibonsi [link OK], was established to protect a symbol of Tuscany: the cypress. The centuries-old, maybe millenary, cypress grove is a quiet and impressive space where a tree dating back to the Etruscan times thrives, evidence of a long gone past of this land.


Valdelsa Valdicecina: a land of stories and harmony

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