Steam and trekking: the outdoor routes in the land of geothermal power

On foot, by bike or on horseback. Adventurous routes wind through geysers and sulphur puffs leading you to the discovery of the mysterious Devil’s Valley.



Geysers and vapour puffs that distinguish one part of the Valdicecina serve as a backdrop for outdoor activities that are striking and adventurous! The geothermal area that mysteriously stretches between the municipality of Pomarance and Castelnuovo Val di Cecina is an unusual landscape, wrapped in the coils of steam from boric-acid fumaroles, which seems to have inspired some of the descriptions of the Inferno by Dante Alighieri.

You will find yourself in an area where nature, industry and architecture harmoniously co-exist. The great value of geothermal power has given life to a real empire of renewable energies, while internationally renowned architects are responsible for the design of some of the buildings in the area, also famous for its contemporary and environmental art.

To start discovering this hot and changing area of Tuscany you only need curiosity and a spirit of adventure!

“Surrounded by woods,
a sulphur Inferno with a taste of Dante”

To get to know this particular area you can start discovering the panoramic viewpoints of Pomarance, with a nice walk or on horseback, getting a glimpse of the views of the geothermal lands and the luxurious woodland.

The real adventure, however, takes place in the heart of the smoky Valdicecina: the Devil’s Valley. Between Pomarance, Sasso Pisano (a hamlet of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina) and Monterotondo Marittimo, the hot land embraced by clouds of steam reveals all the power of nature, a good power that is generated in the deepest layers of the earth where the burning magma flows giving birth to the geothermal activity, essential for the development of this area.

The routes in the Devil’s Valley can be crossed on foot or by bike: you will find yourself in an almost fantasyland, made of sulphur clouds, geysers, hot and smoking puddles, that stretches out as far as a panoramic viewpoint from where you can admire also the nature park Le Biancane of Monterotondo Marittimo.

Veduta della Rocca Sillana, nel comune di Pamarance

Tuscany offers many extraordinary surprises, especially when you decide to experience it slowly and immerse yourself in its landscapes, in the nature reserves and in its lifestyles, as well as in its flavours: after the outdoor activities in Valdicecina you can quench your thirst with a very special craft beer , a local product that tells the story of its link with this territory.

But if you are looking for other places for your outdoor activities, you can bear in mind the Via Francigena, an ancient communication road that crosses Valdelsa, along which nature and history have always met

Valdelsa Valdicecina: a land of stories and harmony

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