A lively village surrounded by nature

Small, quiet, immersed in nature in the Cornate and Fosini Nature Reserve but with long-standing traditional festivals with fairy tales and trekking, and a theater as small as it is unique: this is Radicondoli.

Today, you can admire its Lombard origins and the passage of the centuries in religious buildings such as the Collegiate Church of Saints Simon and Jude, the Church of the Crucifix, and the Augustinian monastery of Santa Caterina delle ruote.

The Collegiate Church, dedicated to Saints Simon and Jude, is the largest church in Radicondoli, the church where the most important rites are celebrated. Inside there are valuable works of art, including paintings by the artist Alessandro Casolani (1552-1607).

The Cornate and Fosini Nature Reserve is home to overhanging limestone cliffs, wildlife such as birds of prey, wild cats, and deer, and also contains the remains of an ancient silver mine and quarries from which came part of the material for the floor of the Siena Cathedral. Moreover, thanks to the area’s minimal light pollution, it is one of the best places to observe the night sky and the stars.


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“Festivals and traditions are still alive, and the community keeps them living by supporting them”

A visit to the village of Belforti is not to be missed. It grew up around a castle and later became part of the fiefdom of the Aldobrandeschi counts in the Middle Ages. This small village has held a great strategic importance whose contours can still be made out today through its square towers and patrician houses, together with the parish church of Santa Maria and the Hospitale.

Visiting Anqua, a small portion of the municipality of Radicondoli, is almost like entering a ghost village, with the ancient Castle of Elci, the Villa Pannocchieschi, and the small churches of San Rufo and San Niccolò in Elci.

In July and August, Radicondoli and the surrounding territory come alive with the Radicondoli Festival. Born as an opportunity to revive an abandoned Franciscan friary, the Convento dell’Osservanza, the Radicondoli Festival has become a regular event, one that focuses on contemporary drama, new modes of performing art, and emerging creativity, without forgetting its origins.

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