Art & Craft

Arts and crafts preserve the culture of this area. They link the landscape to history and genius.

Listen to what they tell, discover all the secrets they keep.

In Valdelsa Valdicecina ancient crafts still strongly survive, a knowledge that is handed down from generation to generation and that today is revealed to the visitor with the solemnity and liveliness that are typical of Tuscan people.

Find out what is hiding behind a perfect crystal, how people used to live in the Middle Ages, and what the Etruscans’ arts were.


Innovative and experimental itineraries are waiting for you to explore, where tradition is combined with contemporary art. You will find unique artworks, linked to the area and its characteristics, enhancing the landscape and architectural heritage, where the historical identity of the community lies.

An unheard of Tuscany is waiting for you!

Art & Craft experience

Your journey on the trail of arts and crafts starts here. Where do you want to start?

What to do

Each experience is unique and special! Plan your ideal days and the activities you prefer. Choose Valdelsa Valdicecina, the way you like it!

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