Outdoor for families: nature, archaeological evidence and art

In Casole history and nature mix to offer visitors activities and adventures for young and adults, from the archaeological museum to family-sized e-bike itineraries.



Casole d'Elsa is set along the side of a hill, surrounded by the endless panorama of the Tuscan countryside that opens up to the visitor in glimpses and views to be photographed. The hamlet, full of history and nature to explore, is an ideal destination for adults and children, promising adventure and fun at first glance.

Its history, as that of the Tuscan territory, begins in Etruscan times, but it is the 14th-century fortress and the 15th-century walls that immediately attract attention with their typical medieval defensive layout. All around the walls, fortifications, palaces and ancient buildings can be recognised, playing hide-and-seek with the visitors, in a challenge to find them in the tangle of the village alleys.


If you do not resist the desire for an immersive tour through local history, the right place is the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose rectory houses the Archaeological and Collegiate Civic Museum. The tour begins with an exhibition of the most archaic period and displays the numerous artefacts found in the territory of Casole d'Elsa, including the curious hair clip decorated with a fight scene, i.e. one of the oldest boxing matches surviving to the present day! The tour then continues with late-medieval works and paintings, and finishes visiting the Collegiate Church, where you can admire the sculptures preserved in the church.

The village is a jewel immersed in the Val d'Elsa nature, and the best way to explore the area is by bike! All services and proposals for cycling - hospitality, catering, guides and bike hire - are gathered in the Terre di Casole Bike Hub project. In Casole d'Elsa, itineraries on two wheels, either guided tours or on your own, riding a mountain bike or an e-bike, are a must for the whole family: it is possible to enjoy a treasure hunt in search of Etruscan remains around hamlets such as Mensano or Monteguidi, and with the opportunity to visit these little jewels immersed in the countryside. Or you can follow the signposted paths that plunge into the woods of the Montagnola Senese, near the hamlet of Pievescola, or even depart as a modern pilgrim to walk along the Via Francigena, admiring the surrounding nature, seeking out all the colours of this territory and, if you are not too fit or in the mood for relaxation, even being pushed along by the pedal assist system.


A must-see for children is the charming Selva di Sogno (Dreamwoods), whose name already promises adventures out of the ordinary. In fact, it is a real oak forest in which the artist Deva Manfredo has installed more than 200 sculptures made of stones of all kinds. Exploring the large oak forest and following the strange signs that can be found there, visitors will encounter anomalous stone men, colourful mosaics, imaginative cities and vertical constructions. Finally, why not put your imagination to the test with the stone workshop?

So, no matter if you are looking for outdoor activities, history or fantastic adventures, Casole d'Elsa is a destination for families, to be experienced in all its nuances: a great start to immerse yourself in the lands and flavours of the Valdelsa and Valdicecina.

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