Vernaccia of San Gimignano DOCG, the most famous wine in Tuscany

A wine created, grown and produced in the shade of the medieval towers that has not stopped astonishing and conquering palates for two hundred years. A real must for a genuine wine experience!


Veduta di San Gimignano circondato dalle vigne

Along the roads of Tuscany, panoramic views of hills stretch out, full of cypresses, olive groves and long rows of vineyards that, in a romantic and natural landscape, foretell the goodness of the renowned local wines. During your stay in Valdelsa you cannot miss tasting Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, one of the oldest and most famous products of the area!


With its golden reflections and dry and fruity flavour, Vernaccia is a particular wine, a white queen in a forest of red wines, inclined to age well for the production of the Riserva wine. The first evidence of its production dates as far back as the 13th century and we find more evidence over the following centuries: in fact, we know that numerous poets and outstanding celebrities were delighted with it, such as Cecco Angiolieri, Boccaccio and Dante Alighieri.

Since the 1970s this wine has been protected by the Consorzio del Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano, which promotes its use and regulates its production thanks to a strict set of regulations. One of the guidelines among others is that Vernaccia can only be produced exclusively in the area of San Gimignano.

“Ideal for tasting, as an aperitif
and with meals”

Vernaccia is a perfect wine both as an aperitif and for meals, to be paired with tempting fried food, soups and vegetables as well-known as the Ribollita or with a selection of local fresh or cured cheeses.

An experience for connoisseurs is the Vernaccia di San Gimignano Wine Experience - La Rocca, much more than a museum. It is a full insight into the history, production and taste of this excellent wine that includes one floor dedicated to wine tasting and a multimedia setup to tell its story in all its facets with images, holograms, sounds and 360° visors. A thorough and exciting immersion into wine!

Sala multimediale del muoseo della Vernaccia Wine Experience a San Gimignano

Together with saffron, Vernaccia is one of the excellent products of San Gimignano and Valdelsa. However, there are many other products not to be missed, such as salamis and cheeses and the wines with the designation of San Gimignano DOC (red, rosé and the extraordinary Vin Santo, a dessert wine).

And if you prefer home-brewed beer you don’t have to panic: the Birrificio San Gimignano produces top quality beer inspired by the adventures of famous pilgrims, such as Sigeric from Canterbury. It’s not by chance that stage 32 of the Via Francigena goes through San Gimignano and connects the city of the towers with Monteriggioni, perfect for an excursion in nature and history!

Valdelsa Valdicecina: a land of stories and harmony

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