In the heart of the Middle Ages with knights, dames and pilgrims

A journey along ancient roads, among the towns with a medieval charm. Their towers are still trying to reach the sky today..


Rievocazione storica a Monteriggioni

Centuries-old castles, clangour of swords, dames and knights dancing to the rhythm of flutes: the Middle Ages is a historical period rich in charm with an array of contrasts. The most beautiful things it has left still live in the Tuscan towns, with their high walls and typical defensive layout.  An adventure with a feel of the ancient past is waiting for you in Valdelsa Valdicecina!

“The imposing towers
that survived over the centuries”

Among the places that have kept their historical character there is Monteriggioni. Over the years, the still intact 14 towers protecting the small town have become a symbol of the Tuscan character; they are imposing and haughty, keeping that immortal charm that captured even Dante Alighieri.

To step through the gate into Monteriggioni is like leaping back in time. The walk on the walls is an unforgettable experience: from here you can gaze over the surrounding countryside, thinking that from that same spot, hundreds of years before, the sentries launched the alarm as soon as they caught sight of the enemy troops.

The ticket to visit the walls includes the museum Monteriggioni in Arme: the faithful reproductions of swords, armour and other fighting equipment will catch the attention of the young and old, bringing on something of a warrior spirit.

Veduta di Monteriggioni
Torre dei Belforti, struttura medievale a Montecatini Val di Cecina

The historical re-enactments are ideal events to fully identify with the characters of medieval times. The colours of the costumes and flags combine with the beating of drums, while fireworks light the night sky. In fact, at Monteriggioni there is a celebration called Monteriggioni di torri si corona, while another unmissable event is Volterra AD 1398, which takes place in the city of Volterra.

The towers circling Monteriggioni are not the only thing that is astonishing. Many structures that survive offer visitors their beauty, such as the 14th century Rocca di Staggia, in Poggibonsi, or the Tower of  Belforti at Montecatini Val di Cecina.

However, the towers of San Gimignano are absolutely iconic and spectacular, soaring towards the sky in a timeless race. In the past, when the town used to trade spices and saffron  enjoying great wealth, the towers were many. Today there are only a few of them left, among which the most important is the Torre Grossa, open to the public.

Between these two historical towns - Monteriggioni and San Gimignano - a stretch of the Via Francigena quietly winds along the ancient road walked by the pilgrims who travelled from Canterbury to Rome.

Travelling on it – or even a section of it – on foot, on horseback, or by bike is an exciting activity [link OK] not to be missed if you want to combine the discovery of the towns with an immersion in nature.

If instead you are looking for an unprecedented activity, you will find what you are seeking at the Archaeodrome of Poggibonsi, the reconstructed Medieval village where you will be able to be a spectator or try one of the activities that the community needs.

Live the Middle Ages in full, the way you wish!


Valdelsa Valdicecina: a land of stories and harmony

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