Colour, taste and tradition

In Valdicecina the recipe for an authentic taste includes three ingredients: tradition, simplicity and renewable energies. Discover the “greenest” wine and food products of Tuscany!



In the most unusual panorama of Tuscany, among geysers and vapour puffs that distinguish the geothermal area of Valdicecina, there is an inviting and sustainable gastronomical reality.

Visiting the stunning Devil’s Valley and the surrounding towns you will find genuine flavours and traditional recipes closely linked with the land: take a seat in restaurants or in holiday farms and discover the taste of renewable energies!

“Immerse yourself in a world of flavours
that speak about the territory”

All the area of Volterra and Valdicecina is characterized by an intense geothermal activity that creates striking and mysterious landscapes to be explored while having a nice walk outdoor.

Around this natural richness the Community of Food and Renewable Energies, was born, a project that unites all the local facilities where food as well as olive oil or beer are produced in the name of sustainability using renewable energies – such as geothermal or photovoltaic power – and rigorously with a short supply chain.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Slow Food, Fondazione Slow Food for  Biodiversity and Cosvig, the Consorzio Sviluppo Aree Geotermiche, and includes municipalities such as Pomarance, Castelnuovo Val di Cecina or Monteverdi Marittimo.

Come and explore a unique reality of its kind that combines natural landscapes with energy sustainability: here you can discover the sceneries that inspired the Inferno described by Dante Alighieri and the contemporary buildings which bear the signature of important architects, and to close on a happy note having supper with a typically green flavour!

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