Nature is the ageless guardian of the secrets of the land.
It’s here where everything is born and awaits to be explored.

The Tuscan territory is many things.

It is harmonious, exciting, authentic, pristine, sincere, all-to-be-discovered. Each journey is unique, just like any stage, any destination, any road that winds quietly and a little mysterious, inviting you to follow it through the woodland, beyond the hills, by streams and rivers.

In Valdelsa Valdicecina you can find what you are looking for: adventure, relaxation, sports tracks, and all kinds of routes. Each experience is paralleled by the discovery, step by step, of a genuine territory, where traditions are deeply rooted and life enhancing, adapting to the changes that time carries with it, without ever losing their aura of charm, mystery and reality.

In a land that offers itself to be explored in all its facets, where you can experience deep moments in close contact with nature, each leap forward is a small step back in time.

What to do

Each experience is unique and special! Plan your ideal days and the activities you prefer. Choose Valdelsa Valdicecina, the way you like it!

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