Thousands of years
of history


A new identity
for a territory
full of history

The castle, the valleys and the rivers: these are the elements of the new image of the Ambito Turistico Territoriale of Valdelsa and Etruria Volterrana, which brings together eleven municipalities. They are also the symbols of the deep historical roots still alive and deep among the inhabitants of the territory of the Regione Toscana, which is unequalled anywhere else in the world. Welcome to Valdelsa Valdicecina!

Among the hills and villages, a thousand experiences are waiting for you and your family! In Val d’Elsa Val di Cecina you will find many stories to unfold, places to explore and activities to experience unforgettable days, in whatever way you like. Watch the video and start your adventure!

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The locations

In the centre of Tuscany, there is a magical territory located between Via Francigena and Via del Sale, the two main communication roads of the Middle Ages. This territory features mostly unspoilt nature and is world-renowned for its quality of life, historical heritage and its success in preserving its own well-grounded cultural identity

What to do

Ideas, itineraries, proposals and events: a taste of all you can do
in Valdelsa Valdicecina.

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