Wine and food

To those who can feel with their palate, an authentic kitchen tells the story of the place and whispers the secrets of the land

The cuisine of a territory is made of stories. Sit at the table and you will find out that behind each typical product, traditions, lifestyles and centuries of history are hiding. You will find that each recipe carries with it the peasant wisdom and the story of times gone by. The food and wine tradition of Valdelsa Valdicecina is a continuous revelation!

Taste the well-known salamis and cheeses, explore the traditional dishes and pair all this with an excellent glass of Tuscan wine. Let yourself be conquered by spices and innovative products that will tell you about a beautiful and versatile territory. Choose what you like most and start your trip with the flavours of the Valdelsa Valdicecina.

What to do

Each experience is unique and special! Plan your ideal days and the activities you prefer. Choose Valdelsa Valdicecina, the way you like it!

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