The fairy tale landscape between "wrinkles" and waterfalls

A maze of characteristic avenues and an adventurous itinerary where you can admire the sea are the ingredients of the perfect family adventure!

Monteverdi Marittimo


If you are looking for a relaxing adventure suitable for the whole family, off from the busy roads and including small towns bordering unspoilt forests - in the heart of the Val di Cecina - Monteverdi Marittimo waits patient to tell its story.

The village of Monteverdi Marittimo is just a few kilometres from the Tyrrhenian coast, but looks towards the edge of the Metalliferous Hills, surrounded by protected areas and nature reserves.

Its origins can be dated back to the time when a Lombard leader, Wilfrid (better known as San Walfredo), gave up his dreams of war and founded a monastery. It was more than two centuries before the year 1000, which was the first construction around which the future settlement of Monteverdi Marittimo would be established.

The relics of Saint Walfredo are preserved in the church of Sant'Andrea, a milestone place to start exploring the village! From here spread out the ‘rughe' (wrinkles), narrow streets and winding lanes that criss-cross each other and with the three main streets; those ones run around Monteverdi Marittimo and are recommended if you want to have a panoramic view of the village without going too deep into the narrow streets and ‘rughe’.


In contrast to the stony Monteverdi Marittimo are the vast forests that extend unspoilt and protected. 

The Monterufoli-Caselli Nature Reserve is a fairy-tale and enveloping forest, where numerous animal and plant species coexist in a balanced and protected ecosystem; numerous paths suitable also for children cross the length and breadth of the reserve. One of these, which is definitely not to be missed, is the itinerary that leads to the Sterza Waterfall: mainly by walking along a white road, a small lake with clear and inviting water is reached, into which a beautiful jet of water plunges! The waterfall, together with the network of streams and small rivers running through the woods, creates pools, ponds and water features with the simple and immortal charm of nature growing free. 

Another of these routes winding through the reserve leads to a stop that should not be missed. This is the small lake of the “Golazze Aprte”, an unusual name to designate an exciting place: in fact, reaching it, a panoramic lake overlooks the surrounding lands and the village, up to the point of catching a glimpse of part of the Argentario!

Not far from Monteverdi Marittimo and its forests, the landscape changes radically, transforming into an unique scenario where the burning earth hides behind clouds of steam: this is the Tuscany of geothermal energy, whose beating heart is the Valle del Diavolo (Devil's Valley), extending between the hamlet of Sasso Pisano, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and Larderello, a hamlet and industrial centre dedicated to renewable energy in Pomarance.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue enjoying green woods, you should continue towards the Val d'Elsa, in the direction of the 'wild' nature of Radicondoli or towards the gentler, but still wonderful, nature of Casole d'Elsa.


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