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Inspirations from the past for lovers of archeology, period costumes, scenarios with lords and ladies, knights, court jesters, and flag-wavers, crossbowmen, drums.



Let your imagination roam from the 9th century, with a wedding in the village of Poggio Imperiale in Poggibonsi, to the13th century, the era of maximum splendour of the Castle of Monteriggioni, passing from the sumptuousness of a medieval marriage in Volterra.

Adding to the atmosphere are costumes, rituals, tools, and weapons, all faithful to the historical record from their original locations or scientifically reconstructed by archaeologists. The newlyweds can lose themselves among the inhabitants of the Carolingian village of Poggibonsi or be the guests of honour at an authentic Medieval Festival in Monteriggioni, revive the emotions of a wedding in the oldest public palace in Tuscany, or be welcomed by flag-wavers after a ceremony among the towers of San Gimignano.

Weddings in Poggibonsi in the time of Charlemagne

The Archaeodrome of Poggibonsi is a unique immersive experience, a journey into the past in the time of Charlemagne (742-814), created as a full-scale model of one of the most important discoveries made on the hill of Poggio Imperiale.

Walking in the village, you can get to know the small community of farmers and artisans who, surrounding the large manor house, carry out their daily tasks (blacksmith, carpenter, leather worker, dyer, baker, candlestick maker, coin maker) along with significant characters within the village (the lord of the manor, the priest, a servant).

The bride and groom and their guests can join the villagers and, dressed in historical clothes, participate in a ceremony that will be conducted in "latinorum" (a pretend and easily understandable version of Latin) by the priest of the village or, alternatively, by the lord of the manor or the wise and learned Gottefredo (a legendary figure).

The meal will take place in an absolutely faithful and representative atmosphere of a typical Carolingian banquet. Guests will then be able to interact with the artisans or with the court jester, who will entertain them with rhymes and stories, or confer with the priest, always ready with sermons and moralizing lectures for the care of souls.

Getting married in the Castle of Monteriggioni


In the Castle of Monteriggioni, a taste for tradition and the experience acquired over more than twenty years of historical re-enactments enable us to propose a wedding ceremony that becomes a real journey back in time.

The bride, the groom, and the guests, with everyone in medieval dress, participate in the ceremony, with each person playing, throughout its performance, the role in which their costume has transformed them.

The historical setting for the wedding is the 12th century, when the castle was in its prime. The wedding takes place within its walls, in a splendid position overlooking the valleys of Monteriggioni, in one of the most beautiful settings that Tuscany can offer.

The ceremony follows the traditions of the period: the groom awaits the bride, who is carried in triumph through the town in a procession of musicians, dancers, and girls dressed in white who scatter flower petals before her.

At the end of the ceremony, leaving the hall where the wedding took place, the newlyweds are escorted by a procession of Monteriggioni drummers around the alleys of the medieval village, to kick off the festivities with jesters, music, and dances.

Medieval weddings in Volterra

Lovers of period costumes, scenarios with lords and ladies, knights, and court jesters, plus flag-wavers, crossbowmen, and drums, will find all that in Volterra, where it is possible to experience a true medieval wedding.

Wearing historical clothes, you can promenade through the streets of the city accompanied by musicians and jesters. To the sounds of trumpets and drums, introduce yourselves to your guests as newlyweds. Have your reception with the catering all carrying out the medieval theme, and have your pictures taken with falcons. Entertain your guests with crossbow games and fireworks.

You’ll enjoy a unique and memorable experience that may feel like scenes from a movie.


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