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Respect for nature is the basis for an eco-chic wedding, where sustainability is also a life choice.



Marriage is a project for life and to start it off with an eco-friendly event is undoubtedly a sign of goodwill and hope!

In this context, couples who decide to follow a life path as environmentalists, are building the future of their new family around the concept of sustainability from the beginning. An eco-friendly, or green, wedding is the right way to preserve the environment, put your beloved family and friends at the centre of your universe, and show your commitment to the generations to come.

A wedding as green as the hills around San Gimignano

Imagine a wedding that makes the most of what the essentials can offer. Those who know Tuscan cuisine know what this means: the simplest dishes are able to make the flavors stand out so they can be fully enjoyed. Think of the excellence of olive oil in its noble simplicity, as well as the colors and flavors of saffron (Zafferano PDO) and Vernaccia DOCG, products that symbolize San Gimignano.

Those who know about the architecture of farmhouses know it, too: whether it is the home of a nobleman or a farmer, it is the same stone that rests on a green hill amid streams, woods, and cultivated fields. Imagine a wedding banquet with well-laden tables, or a simple but carefully planned picnic embellished with a view of the towers of San Gimignano.  

Tuscany’s culture of good, healthy, genuine food will be part of your wedding experience. For the reception we will suggest a menu with typical local dishes, prepared with fresh seasonal products, preferably organic "from field to table".

In Pomarance, positive vibes and clean energy, for a one-of-a-kind wedding

Having an eco-chic wedding means staying true to your ethical principles without giving up beautiful and tasteful details that will make your wedding celebration an unforgettable event. You can choose natural, locally-sourced decorations, seasonal flowers or even wildflowers that you can pick on a relaxing walk in the countryside, or choose aromatic plants instead of cut flowers, along with delicate candles and torches, to create a romantic atmosphere without consuming electricity.

Other ideas

Be inspired by the legends, stories, and a thousand wonders of this land in the green heart of Tuscany.

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